Health Video

v4 – Final Edit
Edit 3.1 – Colour Grade and Audio fix

Moved the Corridor Scene to the end, as the start was too slow. Aya talking about going into the ‘outside world’ needed something to support it. Works for me.

Edit 2
Edit 1 Notes
Edit 01

In this first edit, the clips and graphics are just sequenced. If you are happy with the flow, I’ll then do a second edit, tidy up sound, add titles and animate the print pages/logos.

Music is just enough to give it a pulse?

4 mins is a good length. Tried to create some interplay between student and teachers.  Lucy said more about nature of consent, but to keep things focused, I’ve emphasised the guide’s effectiveness.

When Matt talks about Cos/MH brands at 3.34, I’ll use logo’s (or other covers?) to show two brands coming together. Please advise what you like.

Elsewhere in the video, I’ve indicated where I’ll drop in page graphics. They will pan and scan, to give some movement.

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